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Johnny released!

Community Server 2.1 was released yesterday, but I didn't have the energy to blog about it. Sleep

A night in front of the telly usually sounds better than it is in practice though, and the latest movie from Blockbuster Online, "Ultraviolet" was seriously bad. Still, the eye candy and lack of energy made me watch almost 45 minutes before seeing what Tivo had to offer. Overhaulin', especially a Mopar, wins every time.

The latest release was made worse for me (the builder of the MSI's) because every day recently we've been having a daily severe thunderstorm at 3-4pm. On Tuesday we got about a dozen blackouts during that time but the UPS held up the PC throughout. I lost one of my three LCD's though (or the graphics card, I'm not sure which yet).

Then yesterday, release day, final build day the storms hit again just as we're given the go-ahead. This time the power goes out and the PC loses power. The UPS is shot. (I don't mean I actually shot it - although I was tempted.  It just doesn't work anymore)

So everything isn't very happy with me when i reboot since nothing was properly shutdown. Outlook is crying like a little schoolgirl about my PST's, yeah, yeah, just get on with it.

And the power goes out again.

At that point I stole my wife's UPS (she's out), Which of course cost me dearly an hour later when I'm just finishing up and she returns home to find a cannibalized computer with no hope of doing any shopping online, enrolling softball, checking emails, etc.

So, maybe not today, but soon I need to start pulling stuff out from under my desk and seeing what's going on down there.

Posted: Thursday, August 10, 2006 11:46 AM by James
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