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React Quickly

Lately I've noticed another acceleration in the speed that things happen. I'm not a johhny-come-lately, but today I feel like a rabbit sticking his head out of the ground and watching all these flying rocket-cars whooshing by.

=- Whoosh!

Did you see that?

How fast do you react to new trends?

Example 1: Domainers.

Did you know there were people out there buying domains for millions of dollars? Did you know that good domains earn thousands of dollars each DAY from a simple landing page just showing Google/Yahoo/Whoever ads? Did you know that it's virtually impossible now to register a domain with one or two words from the dictionary? People are professionally writing and running programs to do nothing but register new or expiring domains and then creating pages with google search results as content on them?

You didn't? This is old news.  Great domains are as rare as rocking-horse poop now.  Earlier this year I went on the hunt for a replacement worldclass domain name for OurLittleNet - I think I found one too, but it took me around 100 hours. I tell you, trying every possible combination of words you like and synonyms of those words can take a while. Every. Single. Example. Was. Taken.

Except one, which I bought and who knows I may even use next year.

Don't wait even one more day;  the .com space will soon be closed, full, done. Unless you want to be called or (LOL, even my first three make-up names were taken!!)

Example 2: AdSense

Everyone is using it, right? But do you know how quickly the big boys react to current events?

Seth posted the story today called A New York minute - companies have ads up for "New York Strike" already. Hilarious, like who say "Forget the strike, Telecommute from home by accessing your office PC".

That's clever marketing. Is your company's marketing department doing that sort of stuff? That fast?

Example 3: Some Ideas Are More Than Just Buzzwords

Web 2.0. Yes, everyone is sick of it.

But what about Tag Clouds? Folksonomies? Do you understand what makes the following sites/technology interesting?

43 Things,, Flickr, Google Suggest (although I saw Scott do it first), NewsGator, Technorati, The Working Network, Wikipedia

Personally I think Folksonomies are really interesting; far more than AJAX. Sorry Wally. Categorization is something I've spent many man-months on over the last few years, but I've never been totally happy with the results, even with related categories and other cool stuff. Users just don't like having to find a pigeonhole.

Which is why tags are such a very interesting alternative.  In hindsight I was very close to getting there with my Alphabetized Category descriptions. Who knew?

Never mind. I'm catching up quickly and have some great ideas for extending the tag idea. :D

Posted: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 6:32 PM by James
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