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VS 2005 and web projects

Scott Guthrie published a great article yesterday explaining how Visual Studio 2005's new web projects work.

My favorite part? This feature of the Team System integration:

 Ability to measure and precisely quantify the percentage of code exercised by tests (what we often call code coverage). A web developer can build a web project, then build lots of tests to exercise its functionality, and can then run those tests and get a report detailing that “74% of the lines of code in the web project were executed during the tests”, as well as a precise breakdown of what parts of the code-base were not exercised because boundary and use cases weren’t good enough.

As Scott says, it'll take us all a while to learn this new system and how to best use the new functionality. Still more functionality will be arriving in the final release (like the lack of exclude files that a lot of us moaned about).

Posted: Monday, August 22, 2005 8:20 AM by James
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