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Review your old habits

I'm 41, right, so officially closer to "old fart" than "young whippersnapper". So why did it take me until today to notice something quite obvious to everyone else - I wore my watch on the wrong hand.

It's been bugging me semi-consciously for a few weeks now - my watch digs into my wrist as it rests on the desk and uses the mouse. Sometimes I remove it because it's uncomfortable.

Only today I had a eureka moment and realized that I can move it to the other wrist and never have this problem again. My left hand doesn't have a mouse you see, and most of the time acts as a handy rest for my chin.

I know this is as silly a blog as I've ever written, but it struck me that it might be a good example of something stupid that you do every day too, without thinking.

Could you change an old habit?

Posted: Thursday, June 23, 2005 3:48 PM by James
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